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Official Launch of LiberateClix!

Started by admin 2020-02-26 at 14:13
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LiberateClix is on the Air!

If you are here reading this, you had chosen to take the action. In life few people are willing to take the risk in a world where is dominated by fear, the fear of losing.

LiberateClix has been born to be created by you and the other members who decided to take the action, to make a better place to grow a community. The community it will be affected by your decision, your perseverance, your responsability and your contribution. The contribution that YOU will provide as a member on LiberateClix is investing your ideas, creativity and your Time.

We say if you are not willing to invest your time here, we advice you to stop and take responsability of your future, in another place. Our community will be sustained by members who will have the same vision for a long period. Here is place were everyone will win.

For members who love to play and take action to earn extra money we added for you IClixGrid Game.

And that's not all, the good news continues to come, on LiberateClix you can turn $1.00 into $1.50 with our Adpacks.

By using LiberateClix now you have the chance to use our autosurf option and you will get the benefits of visit the websites of our advertisers without make any clicks. This process is automated and you will also earn points.

If you want to go on vacation or you do not have time to enter our PTC site, and you have many active referrals, here you can set and buy vacation days. During this period when you are not active, rented and direct referrals work normally and you receive commissions in your account even if you are not active.

LiberateClix is focused on your needs.

LiberateClix created cheap membership upgrades that starts from $1 for all members budget.

Ok! Let''s start earn some money!

First of all, I like it simple as you can see, and first of all easy to earn money!\

What''s LiberateClix?

It's a simple PTC website, where I put myself as a member like I want to earn money!

I know that are members that who do not afford to buy some of the services provided by LiberateClix, and there will be prices for them also if not! there will be specials promotion, contest''s and more to come.. (stay alerted!).

For the beginning!

1. You will receive for register on LiberateClix $0.10 As SignUp Bonus.

2. Add Funds:
$1 - $9.99 get 5% Bonus in Pb.
$10 - $49.99 get 7.5% Bonus in Pb.
$50 - $99.99 get 10% Bonus in Pb.
$100 - $199.99 get 15% Bonus in Pb.
$200 - $499.99 get 20% Bonus in Pb.
$500- $999.99 get 30% Bonus in Pb.
$1000 - $2499.99 get 35% Bonus in Pb.
$2500 + get 50% Bonus in Pb.

3. Daily activity reward :
Complete the following tasks daily and you will receive at the end of the day $0.015 in your account:

- View 10 PTC Ads
- Open in forum at least 2 posts (please do not spam )
- Play in ClixGrid for at least 20 times

Best regards,
LiberateClix Admin.
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Good work admin!
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Nice site admin
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That's amazing only $0.10 minimum payout
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Congratulations !

Keep the good work
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Congrats from Belarus
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congrats admin
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